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Tanta sangre vista

Tanta sangre vista

Por (autor),  Rafael Baena
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Formato : PDF
Número de páginas : 220
Edición :Primera edición
Fecha de Publicación :2015-06-01
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Descripción del libro

Two generations marked by the scars of war. A fight without direction, nor meaning, loaded with the hostile environment that causes the routine of the conflict. The Thousand Days War marked a moment in Colombian history, charged with greed, lust for power, violence, and terror, which still echo through the pages of this novel.


  Author (s): Rafael Baena
  Illustrator (s): -
  Translator (s): -
  Editorial: Rey Naranjo Editors
  ISBN: 9789588969169
  Gender: Social issues
  Subgenre:  - 
  Year of edition: 2015
  No. of pages: 220
  Age group: From 12 years old 
  Edition number: First edition