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Oso Frontino

Oso Frontino

Por (autor),  Luis Darío Bernal
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Formato : PDF
Número de páginas : 64
Edición :Segunda edición
Fecha de Publicación :2020-05-01
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Descripción del libro

The frontin bear in our story is a character that, in the middle of a fun adventure in the forest, points out the dangers that many animals face due to destruction, the fragmentation of their habitat, hunting and the legends that exist around their species and that they are contributing to its extinction. The frontin bear is apparently a solitary animal. However, there are reports of groups of up to eight individuals eating together during the fruiting season of certain cloud forest plants. Frontinian bears can be active at any time of the day. They are excellent climbers and can spend quite a bit of time in the highest branches of trees, or simply rest on platforms that resemble nests, built from branches and leaves. It is the only bear in South America. It is estimated that there are less than 2,000 of these specimens in the wild. This bear is a mammal that does not attack, it only does so when it feels danger to itself or its young.

  Author (s): Luis Darío Bernal
  Illustrator (s): Patricia acosta
  Translator (s):  -
  Editorial: Panamericana Editorial
  ISBN: 9789583060595
  Gender: Social issues
  Subgenre: Ecological and environmental issues
  Year of edition: 2020
  No. of pages: 64
  Age group: from 5 years 
  Edition number: Second edition